Children with disabilities need our support!

Children with disabilities need our support. Your donation today will help create the Center for Early Intervention “Mali svijet”. For 83 children currently in therapy and all other children who will need support in the future, this presents an access to adequate rehabilitation that they do not currently have.


To ensure that every boy and every girl gets the support they need and realize their full potential, “Mali svijet”, Rotary Club and World Vision B&H share a common vision for establishing the Center for Early Intervention, the first one in the Tuzla region. Help us to achieve this together!

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Mali Svijet

The Association “Mali svijet” from Lukavac is one of only three centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina that specialize in working with children with autism and their parents. For seven years, this Association has been committed to working with children from Tuzla Municipality, Doboj, Lukavac, Živinice, Gračanica, Gradačac, Srebrenik, Kalesija, Banovići and Sapna, as well as all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to provide the necessary support for them and their families.


Due to the growth in the number of children in need of treatment and despite the maximum efforts of the therapists, “Mali svijet” had to reduce the length of treatment for each child during the previous two years, so they would not have to turn down any family and child who need help. This slows down the progress and prevents significant advancement of these children towards functionality.

With the support of Lukavac Municipality, the Center’s workspace was provided, and “Mali svijet” was granted the use to the building of the former Regional School Bistarac Donji. In order to adapt the school space to its new purpose, it is necessary to adapt the devastated space and provide adequate equipment for the work of the Center. For the realization of these activities it is necessary to provide 176,000 KM.

We invite you to give your contribution to the work of the Center “Mali svijet” and show autistic children and their families that they are not alone.

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What do the therapists from “Mali svijet” say, what is the current situation of the Regional School Bistarac Donji and how does “Mali svijet” even look like? You can watch it all in the promotional video …

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You can make payments to the account:

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Support for the establishment of the Center “Mali svijet”
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World Vision BiH / Mali Svijet


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Raiffeisen bank dd Bosna i Hercegovina

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Purpose of money transfer:

Support for the establishment of the Center “Mali svijet”


World Vision BiH / Mali Svijet


You can make an online payment through the webpage by clicking on the image below:

World Vision ( is an international Christian organization for support, development and public advocacy devoted to working with children, families and communities in order to overcome poverty and injustice. For more than 20 years, World Vision has changed children’s lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina to better.

Our vision for every child,

Life in its fullness;

Our prayer for each soul,

The will to make this happen.

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Association of Citizens of Children with Special Needs "Mali svijet" Lukavac


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